Beef contains more sarcosine than any other food, which makes it particularly effective for muscle growth and strength.


400g yellow beef
1 carrot
Several cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1-2 tablespoons cooking wine
2 tablespoons raw meal
Half a spoonful of aged vinegar
1 tablespoon sauce
Half a spoonful of pepper
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
Ingredients ready: yellow beef, carrots, garlic

Step 2
Sliced beef, peeled carrots, carved slices, peeled garlic and chopped

Step 3
The cut beef is repeatedly rinsed to remove excess blood

Step 4
Squeeze out the beef juice, put it into a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce

Step 5
1-2 tablespoons of onion ginger sauce cooking wine

Step 6
Half a spoonful of aged vinegar

Step 7
1 tablespoon of sauce

Step 8
A little pepper (half a teaspoon)

Step 9
A little minced garlic

Step 10
2 tablespoons of raw flour

Step 11
1 tablespoon edible oil

Step 12
Stir evenly and marinate for more than half an hour

Step 13
Put an appropriate amount of water into the pot and bring to a boil

Step 14
Blanch carrots in a pot for 2 minutes and remove

Step 15
Heat in an oil pan and stir fry minced garlic until fragrant

Step 16
Stir the ingredients until fragrant, then put the beef into the pot and stir fry

Step 17
Stir fry until the meat changes color and pour in carrots

Step 18
Finally, stir fry evenly and taste well