Fried bamboo curtain noodles


200g flour
100g carrot
150g cucumber
50g diced potato (dehydrated)
50g ketchup
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of garlic
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
Proper blending oil
Appropriate amount of sesame oil


Step 1
Take a bowl of warm water, put in a little salt and melt it

Step 2
Weigh 200g flour, not counting the weight of the basin

Step 3
Add water and noodles several times. Don't pour a bowl of water all at once. Junjun only needs a small half bowl of water

Step 4
Place aside and cover the waking face with plastic wrap or wet cloth for 20 minutes

Step 5
Diced carrot

Step 6
Diced potatoes

Step 7
Diced cucumber

Step 8
Diced tomato

Step 9
Chopped garlic

Step 10
Sprinkle flour evenly on the noodle table to prevent it from sticking when rolling

Step 11
Take out the dough, knead it again, press it flat, and roll it into a 1 cm thick cake with a rolling pin

Step 12
Sprinkle flour evenly on the surface

Step 13
Sprinkle thin flour on the surface of the dough cake, cut it into long strips vertically, horizontally, and finally into a square small Ding shape

Step 14
Separate the noodles one by one to prevent sticking

Step 15
It's time to rub the cat's ears at this time, but I can't do it, girl. If you want to press it out, it's round. If you want to press it square, it's direct. If you want to be irregular, it's optional. You don't have to press only four at one time. At last, it's 12 for monarchs. You can only control the row spacing and don't be too crowded

Step 16
Press the bamboo curtain up ~ press it a little

Step 17
Just open it

Step 18
Press them all

Step 19
Boil water in the pot. After the water boils, pour the diced noodles in and cook

Step 20
It's all boiled and it won't take a few minutes

Step 21
After cooking, the diced noodles should be cooled, so that the diced noodles will not stick together

Step 22
Drain the water for standby

Step 23
Blanch potatoes and diced carrots in boiling water until they break

Step 24
Drain the boiled potatoes and carrots with cold water

Step 25
Pour the oil into the frying pan, heat the oil, and then pour the garlic rice into it to explode until fragrant

Step 26
Pour in the potatoes and diced carrots and stir fry for a while

Step 27
Pour in the diced cucumber and stir fry

Step 28
Pour in the diced tomatoes and continue to stir fry

Step 29
Add salt

Step 30
Pour in two tablespoons of raw soy sauce and continue to stir fry

Step 31
Add a little water to draw out the juice of tomatoes

Step 32
Pour the diced noodles in and stir fry a few times. Stir fry over medium heat

Step 33
When the juice is not much, close it with high fire to make the noodles taste

Step 34
Finally, pour a few drops of sesame oil and stir well

Step 35
Sheng half out to do the weight of two people