After the new year, with the temperature rising gradually, the spring bamboo shoots are going up day by day, and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. Five years ago, the price of winter bamboo shoots was more than 9 yuan and more than 10 yuan. Now, there are only two pieces of spring bamboo shoots. Mom bought about ten jin of pickled bamboo shoots that day. Today, my sister brought two more. There is bacon in the fridge. It’s right to fry bacon.


2 spring bamboo shoots
2 small pieces of bacon
1 green garlic
2 dried peppers
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
Peel off the shell of the spring bamboo shoot and cut off the lignified part of the root. Don't wash.

Step 2
Slice the bamboo shoots, about two or three millimeters thick.

Step 3
Boil a pot of water. After boiling, pour in bamboo shoots and cook for a minute or two.

Step 4
Remove the boiled bamboo shoots and drain the water.

Step 5
Add clean water to the pot, wash the bacon, scrape it with a knife, cut several sections, and put it into the pot in cold water. Boil the water for another five minutes. You can cook more at a time. Put the rest in the refrigerator and cook it directly next time. You don't have to cook any more.

Step 6
Remove the cooked bacon and let it cool.

Step 7
Slice 2 small pieces of bacon. Put the rest in the fridge.

Step 8
Wash the garlic and dried pepper, shake the water dry and chop them up.

Step 9
Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pot, first pour in the fat bacon and stir fry it, give a little oil, and then pour in the lean bacon and stir fry it twice. The bacon will be more fragrant after frying. It doesn't need to be fried for a long time.

Step 10
Then pour in bamboo shoots and stir fry.

Step 11
Add a bowl of water, cover the pot and simmer for five minutes.

Step 12
Taste the salt, add some salt, garlic and dried chili powder, stir fry and mix well, open the lid and cook for a minute or two.

Step 13
Start the pot and put it on a plate.