Bacon is Hunan’s favorite food. Smoked bacon, the same inside and outside, cooked and sliced, transparent and bright, bright color, yellow and red, taste mellow. Our children especially like to eat bacon. The smell of bacon makes them drool. Now Hunan bacon is smoked with cold smoke, which is more healthy. There are many ways of bacon. Today, I’d like to introduce a typical fried bacon with green pepper.


250 grams Bacon
200g green pepper
3 cloves of garlic
Proper amount of ginger
Garlic leaf
Proper amount of Douchi
Proper amount of soy sauce


Step 1
Wash the bacon, cut it into large pieces, put it in the pot and boil it in cold water for about 5 minutes

Step 2
Take out the bacon and cut it into slices with appropriate thickness and uniformity

Step 3
Wash the green pepper and cut it into oblique sections; Slice garlic and ginger, cut garlic leaves into small sections, soak Douchi in water for 2 minutes, wash and set aside

Step 4
Hot pot, green pepper into the pot stir fry, until the Green Pepper Fried into 7 mature, Sheng out for use

Step 5
In a hot pan, add a small amount of cooking oil, stir fry garlic and ginger for a while, pour bacon into the pan and continue to stir fry for 2 minutes

Step 6
Stir fry the green pepper, garlic leaves and Douchi together for about 2 minutes to make the green pepper, bacon and various seasonings fully mixed

Step 7
Pour in a small amount of cold water. When the water boils, sprinkle with some soy sauce. Set the pan to a plate