Fried bacon with cucumber is a favorite dish when I was a child. Every time I fried bacon, I could smell the fragrance from a long distance. Except for oil and salt, I didn’t add any seasoning. The fragrance of bacon is enough to make people salivate. Today, we continue to follow the way we used to do when we were children. Bacon is still the flavor of our hometown, but we can’t find the flavor of our hometown in cucumbers. The original fried method is really delicious.


2 cucumbers
300g Bacon
15g vegetable oil
3 g salt


Step 1
Preparation of raw materials

Step 2
Wash the bacon and cook it in a pot

Step 3
Cut the cucumber into slices

Step 4
Cut the cooked bacon into slices

Step 5
Put proper amount of oil into the pot and heat it to 50%

Step 6
Stir fry the bacon, stir fry a little more for a while, stir fry until fragrant

Step 7
Add cucumber slices and stir fry over high heat

Step 8
Add some salt and stir well

Step 9
It's out of the pot