Fried and stuffed pepper


500g pork
500g Chaotian pepper
Proper amount of salt
Proper soy sauce
Right amount of onion
Proper blending oil
Proper amount of raw meal


Step 1
Prepare pepper, pork and scallion

Step 2
Wash the pepper, drain the water, separate the two sides and set aside

Step 3
Wash, cut and chop the pork

Step 4
Wash the scallions and chop them

Step 5
Put the chopped scallions and meat into a bowl, stir well, and then add the seasoning

Step 6
Stir the scallions and pork well, and add the raw powder, soy sauce, oil and salt. Stir together.

Step 7
Mix the stuffing evenly into the separated pepper. Brew it and put it on a plate

Step 8
You can also put the stuffed pepper into an electric cake pan (Pan)

Step 9
Pan fry pepper skin into golden yellow

Step 10
Where there is stuffing, fry it into golden yellow

Step 11
The delicious fried and stuffed pepper is ready

Step 12
Put the fried pepper on the plate. You can start