Potstickers, crispy bottom, rich soup and delicious taste. The leather made of semi hot noodles tastes better. The stuffing inside is fresh pork and skin jelly. When it comes out of the pot, there is delicious soup and delicious flavor.


350g flour
400g minced pork
25 ml oil
30ml fresh soy sauce
6 g salt
15ml yellow rice wine
1 egg
1 tbsp oyster sauce
A little cooked black sesame
100g jelly


Step 1
Prepare the flour, add an egg, rice wine, salt, fresh soy sauce and oyster sauce into the minced pork, stir clockwise until sticky, and then pour in the skin jelly

Step 2
Add 2G salt to the flour and mix well. Add 90g boiling water and mix well

Step 3
Then pour in 90g of water and knead it into a smooth dough. Put it on the back cover and let it stand for 20 minutes

Step 4
Stir the skin jelly and minced pork until they blend completely

Step 5
Then press the dough into a thin skin, and then press it into a skin with a circular die (you can also roll it directly with a rolling pin)

Step 6
Take a piece of skin and add the meat

Step 7
Make dumpling shape

Step 8
Until all are done

Step 9
Take the required black sesame

Step 10
Pour oil into the pot

Step 11
Put warm oil into the pot paste

Step 12
Fry until yellowish at the bottom

Step 13
Pour in clean water, and the water can submerge the bottom of the potstickers

Step 14
Cover, turn to medium heat and fry until the water in the pot dries up. Open it and sprinkle black sesame seeds

Step 15
Vinegar tastes best