Potstickers are a kind of snack similar to frying. Pork stuffing is more common. The shape is generally a little the same as that of dumplings, but there is a slight change in cooking techniques. The pastry for making potstickers is relatively thin, which is the wonton skin we often use. The fried taste is more crisp. When cooking soup, the skin looks brighter and more transparent. You can vaguely see the wrapped stuffing, which is very attractive~


100g dumpling skin
200g pork stuffing
80g black fungus
5 red onions
4 g salt
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp abalone juice
1 tbsp cooking wine
A little pepper
A little chicken powder
A little sesame oil
1 tbsp starch


Step 1
After the pork stuffing is chopped, put it into a large bowl, add chopped red onion, salt, soy sauce, abalone juice, chicken powder, cooking wine, pepper, starch and sesame oil, stir well and marinate for 20 minutes

Step 2
Soak dry fungus in warm water

Step 3
Wash, drain and chop

Step 4
Add the broken fungus into the marinated meat filling, scratch it again, and take out the dough at the same time

Step 5
Spread out the dough and put stuffing in the middle

Step 6
Fold on both sides, pinch tightly at both ends until all are wrapped

Step 7
Heat an appropriate amount of oil in a saucepan, lay the potstickers flat and fry over medium low heat until both sides are brown

Step 8
In order to ensure that the stuffing inside the potstickers is ripe, sprinkle a little water

Step 9
Cover the pot, fry and bake over high heat for a while, and then shovel up when the water evaporates dry