Every Valentine’s day, a tiramisu is essential. Only at this time can you eat this sweet dessert without any psychological burden… This year, I tried a new formula, referring to the French dessert formula, which is a little different from that made in the previous two years, and the taste is also excellent~


2 eggs
30g fine granulated sugar
15 ml Bailey liqueur
150g cheese
80g light cream
5.4G pure coffee powder
70 ml boiled water
20ml coffee wine
20ml Bailey liqueur
Finger biscuits
Appropriate amount of cocoa powder
Appropriate amount of powdered sugar


Step 1
Pour the pure coffee powder into the measuring cup

Step 2
Pour 70ml boiling water, stir well and let cool

Step 3
Pour 20ml Bailey liqueur

Step 4
Pour 20ml coffee wine

Step 5
Mix well and set aside

Step 6
Separate the egg yolk and pour in 15g fine granulated sugar

Step 7
Stir evenly

Step 8
Pour in 15ml Bailey liqueur

Step 9
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 10
Heat in water and stir until thick

Step 11
After removal, continue stirring to cool and become more viscous

Step 12
Take mascarpone cheese softened at room temperature

Step 13
Stir until smooth

Step 14
Pour in the egg yolk paste

Step 15
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 16
Pour cream into another bowl

Step 17
Beat over ice water until 8 minutes, which is equivalent to the consistency of the cheese paste

Step 18
Pour the whipped cream into the cheese paste

Step 19
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 20
Add 15g fine granulated sugar into the protein in several times and beat it to the wet foaming state

Step 21
Add to the previous cheese paste in batches

Step 22
Stir well to make a tiramisu cheese paste

Step 23
Take a container and pour a little tiramisu cheese paste at the bottom

Step 24
Dip a finger cookie in coffee syrup

Step 25
Cut the cheese paste surface with appropriate length and put it into the cup

Step 26
Cover the biscuit with a layer of cheese paste, and then put a layer of finger biscuits dipped in coffee syrup

Step 27
Continue to fill the cup with cheese paste

Step 28
Shake the soft cloth a few times to flatten the surface. Refrigerate it in the refrigerator overnight. Decorate it with cocoa powder and powdered sugar before eating