The tiramisu made today is to use the cream cream decoration introduced by Dorothy to make the tiramisu cake used to wear a beautiful headdress and become more romantic. The taste seems to be better because of the use of cream.


250g cheese
3 egg yolks
100g egg white
150g light cream
130 g water
10 g gilding
50g white chocolate


Step 1
Whisk the egg yolk until smooth (soak the gelatine tablets in 40ml cold water to soften, and melt them in a warm water bath until transparent for standby)

Step 2
Add sugar and water to boil, pour two-thirds sugar water into the egg yolk liquid, and stir while adding

Step 3
Soak the remaining sugar water in finger biscuits

Step 4
Brush the soaked finger biscuits with coffee wine (instant coffee + rum)

Step 5
Whisk the light cream to 7 and distribute. Add mascarpone

Step 6
With the help of an electric egg beater, stir evenly without particles

Step 7
Add mascarpone cream paste to the egg yolk and stir well

Step 8
Add melted gelatine and stir well

Step 9
Spread a layer of finger biscuits on the bottom mold and pour in half of the cheese paste

Step 10
Spread another layer of biscuits

Step 11
Pour in all the remaining cheese paste

Step 12
Wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate for more than 4 hours

Step 13
Soften the salt free butter at room temperature and beat until slightly white

Step 14
Add the melted white chocolate, stir well and set aside

Step 15
Divide 40 grams of sugar, add 40 grams of water and boil in a small pot to 120 degrees

Step 16
While boiling sugar, whisk protein + 20g white sugar, beat until soft foaming, pour 120 ℃ syrup water, whisk and rinse

Step 17
Add the beaten egg white cream to the butter paste

Step 18
Keep stirring evenly and put it in the refrigerator for standby (the freshly mixed cream will be thin and not suitable for flower mounting. It can be used as flower mounting after being placed in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, and the unused cream can be sealed and refrigerated for 2 days)

Step 19
Tiramisu sprinkles sugar free cocoa powder on a small powdered sugar sieve

Step 20
Mount the flower mouth in the flower bag, using No. 104 flower mouth

Step 21
First squeeze out the flower centers on the diced flowers (originally wanted to make chocolate colored roses, but later thought it was better to make yellow roses)

Step 22
Squeeze 3 petals around the flower center in turn

Step 23
Squeeze 5 petals on the periphery in the same way

Step 24
Squeeze 7 petals on the outer edge so that one rose is finished

Step 25
Drop the first rose in the middle of the cake

Step 26
Cut the flowers in turn and drop 6 roses around

Step 27
Squeeze a circle of small shells on the periphery of the cake