It’s a very homely dish, but there’s a trick to make it fragrant and crisp. First of all, when purchasing hairtail, don’t buy it too wide, the meat is too thick, and the effect of frying is not good; Secondly, the black film and blood stain must be cleaned when cleaning; Finally, it needs to be fried twice. For the first time, fry it with a small fire until it is slightly yellow, and for the second time, the oil temperature should be higher until it is golden on the surface.


600g hairtail
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of five spice powder
Proper amount of raw meal
Appropriate scallion
Proper shredded ginger
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper amount of chili powder


Step 1
Wash the hairtail, cut off the head and tail, and clean the viscera, black membrane and blood stain;

Step 2
Cut into segments with scissors; And use kitchen paper towels to absorb water, and pay attention to wipe the water in the fish belly;

Step 3
Sprinkle enough salt and five spice powder and grasp well; Then pour in scallion and shredded ginger and fully grasp them;

Step 4
Dry the skin in a breathable filter basket;

Step 5
Wrap both sides of the hairtail section with raw powder before frying;

Step 6
Heat the oil pan, fry over low heat until yellowish and remove;

Step 7
Finally, open the medium fire and fry again, and the surface is golden yellow;

Step 8
When eating, you can dip some chili powder or salt and pepper powder to taste better.