Four seasons vegetable dumplings


Dried mushrooms
Persimmon pepper
2 eggs
soy sauce
monosodium glutamate
Chicken essence
Cooking wine
Oyster sauce
Hot pepper
Corn kernels (yellow, dry)
Sesame oil
five-spice powder


Step 1
Flour mixing: put an egg in the flour, a little salt, and then slowly pour into the flour with warm water, stirring while pouring water, until the flour becomes snowflake like flakes

Step 2
Knead / wake up: knead the dough until smooth, about half an hour, then put it on the basin, cover it and wake up for 1-2 hours

Step 3
And filling: add a little water in the meat, boil the meat, and then add all the seasonings, stir in one direction, about half an hour taste

Step 4
Cut all kinds of vegetables into powder, squeeze the vegetable juice, and then put it into the delicious meat stuffing, and then add edible oil to stir it evenly~

Step 5
I packed these, and later they came to help me pack them together ~ a total of 55, 4 people~

Step 6
The first pot steamed first, because the flour with eggs, so the dough is very gluten~

Step 7
This pot is boiling~