Four color balsam pear


1 bitter gourd
A handful of black fungus
2 eggs
2 red peppers
Blend oil


Step 1
First, wash the fungus with blister and tear it into small pieces. Then boil it in a little water for two or three minutes.

Step 2
Wash balsam pear, cut into thin slices, shred red pepper, beat eggs well, then put a little salt in.

Step 3
When you are ready, heat the oil pan. First, the eggs will be overheated and the oil will swell into big egg cakes. Smash them with a shovel and drain the oil.

Step 4
Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add red pepper and balsam pear, stir fry a few times, pour in the fungus and continue to stir fry, then drop the salt and add the fried eggs, stir well, you can get out of the pot, as long as the preparation is done, this series of actions are basically completed at one go, balsam pear should be crispy.