As the saying goes, sleepy in spring, tired in autumn and dozing in summer; The sultry heat of summer makes people dizzy and have no appetite. The sleepiness of autumn has to be on the upper body. They have no appetite and don’t like cooking. This onion and Kwai mixed with eight paw, simple and quick, can be served in a few minutes, the key is delicious, not easy to gain weight, is simply the welfare of lazy people! Shredded green onion is spicy and appetizing. Octopus belongs to seafood. It tastes fishy when eaten cold, but the combination of the two is incomparably delicious. When you go down, Q plays hard. It’s delicious! Open another bottle of beer. What a fairy day it is\ N let’s see how to make this simple lazy dish\ n\n


450g eight claws
3 chives
20G fried white sesame
A piece of ginger
2 tbsp delicious soy sauce
1 tbsp cold vinegar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 tbsp cooking wine
500ml water
A plate of ice


Step 1
All the ingredients are shown in the picture. I bought the finished eight belt claw

Step 2
Shred the scallions

Step 3
Cut into equal lengths

Step 4
Ginger slice

Step 5
Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot

Step 6
Pour in octopus and cooking wine and bring to a boil

Step 7
When you see the curl and discoloration of the eight claws, it means that they are ripe. Put in salt, turn off the fire and stand still

Step 8
Prepare a bowl of ice water, pour in the boiled octopus and chill for 10 minutes

Step 9
Take out the chilled octopus and control the moisture

Step 10
Pour in shredded green onion, white sesame, soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil, mix well, put it on a plate and serve it.