My brother said it was a famous dish


Moderate amount of lettuce
1 can of Douchi fish
Half a tomato
Appropriate amount of onion and garlic
Right amount of Chinese prickly ash
Moderate amount of old style
Moderate amount of vinegar


Step 1
Wash the lettuce

Step 2
Prepare the lobster sauce

Step 3
Prepare onion, garlic and tomato

Step 4
Open the can of fish for later use

Step 5
Pour in the oil, add the tomato, then add the onion and garlic

Step 6
Then put in the lettuce. You don't need to pour water. The lettuce will have its own water.

Step 7
You can cover it and simmer for a while

Step 8
Then add the lobster sauce and fry for a while.

Step 9
be accomplished