Once I ate boiled fish in a Sichuan restaurant. The fish was fragrant, spicy and refreshing. Before I knew it, I ate up all the fish in a big pot and left half a pot of oil. I was thinking, if the oil is fried, it’s also very fragrant. What’s the fishy smell. Later, I ate boiled fish many times, including my own boiled fish, which was boiled first and then poured with oil. The whole oil boiled fish in my memory is always the most beautiful taste of fish. So, make it at home. It’s not water, so you can’t call it boiled fish. Just call it oil splashed fish.


1 grass carp
1 piece of ginger
5 cloved garlic
50g dry pepper
10 g Zanthoxylum bungeanum
1 teaspoon of soy sauce
1 teaspoon bean paste
1 teaspoon sesame oil
10g raw powder
500g peanut oil
10g egg white


Step 1
Clean up the fish, remove the internal black film, remove the teeth

Step 2
Cut a knife next to the head and tail, and draw out the tendon

Step 3
Remove the head and tail

Step 4
Carefully remove two pieces of fish along the direction of the fishbone. Save the fish bone, head and tail for other dishes

Step 5
Slice along the texture of the fish

Step 6
Slice ginger and garlic, chop bean paste

Step 7
Add bean paste, soy sauce, egg white, sesame oil and cornmeal to the fish slices. Grasp well. Egg white and sesame oil should be a little more, cornmeal should be a little less, so that each piece of fish is smooth and does not stick

Step 8
Add ginger slices and garlic slices, cover with plastic wrap and marinate for two hours

Step 9
Cut the dried pepper into sections

Step 10
At the bottom of the pot, put some pepper segments and some Chinese prickly ash, and then put the marinated fish fillets. Loosen the fish fillets as much as possible, and then stack the pepper segments and Chinese prickly ash grains on the surface

Step 11
Put peanut oil in the pan and heat until the oil smokes

Step 12
Pour the oil in several times, pour slowly and gently spread the fillets until they are well cooked

Step 13
Remove the surface of the excess pepper pepper, fragrant oil spilled fish done