Minced pepper fish head looks very domineering. In fact, it’s very simple to make. It’s a hard dish suitable for beginners to learn. It takes a few minutes to learn it. It’s used to entertain relatives and friends on New Year’s day, which is very face saving. Now the detailed practice to share with you, like the little friends quickly collect it!


1 male head
80g chopped pepper
40g peanut oil
2 g salt
Two spoonfuls of steamed fish and soy sauce
Two spoonfuls of cooking wine
1 piece of ginger
Two chives


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients, clean the fish head, and make a few cuts on the fish to make it tasty.

Step 2
Wipe both sides of fish head with cooking wine and salt and marinate for 10 minutes.

Step 3
Cut some scallions and ginger slices into the plate, and then cut some scallions. When steaming fish, place scallion and ginger slices under the plate to form a gap. The two sides of the fish are heated more evenly. The steamed fish is more tender and has no fishy smell.

Step 4
Shake off the juice of the salted fish head, put it on the plate, and cover with chopped pepper. Here I use two kinds of chopped peppers, one is very spicy, the other is slightly spicy, so that adults and children can enjoy themselves. This chopped pepper is bought online. It's very fresh and doesn't cover up the taste of fish. It tastes good.

Step 5
Pour in steamed fish and soy sauce. Boil water in steamer, add fish head and steam over high heat for about 15 minutes. The fish head I used today is relatively large. I steamed it for 18 minutes. The time is for reference only. It depends on the size of the fish head.

Step 6
Take out the steamed fish head, there is more steam, you can pour out a little soup. Finally, sprinkle with scallions, pour in a spoonful of hot oil to stimulate the fragrance, and serve. Many people at home to do chopped pepper fish head are ignored the last step, so eat up no restaurant fragrance, onion and hot oil are not less oh.

Step 7
Appreciation of finished product drawings

Step 8

Step 9