The main raw materials of fish head and tofu soup are fresh fish head and tofu. Fish head is tender and nutritious. It is especially important for brain development and can make brain cells abnormally active. It is especially suitable for eating in winter. Tofu also has high nutritional value and contains more protein and fat. If you eat tofu often, it can replenish qi, clear away heat and moisten dryness, generate fluid and quench thirst, and clean intestines and stomach. It is more suitable for eating hot body, halitosis, thirst, stomach and stomach, and after heat illness. Winter bamboo shoot is a kind of food with high protein and low starch. It has a certain therapeutic effect on patients with obesity, coronary heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis. The polysaccharide contained in it also has certain anticancer effect. Fish head and tofu soup is delicious and suitable for young and old people.


1 fish head
2 pieces of Southern tofu
2 shallots
5 slices of ginger
1 teaspoon salt
Appropriate amount of water
2 tbsp vegetable oil


Step 1
Wash the fish head clean, cut, do not like to cut can not cut, my home pot is small, cut can fry, tofu like size to cut

Step 2
Ginger and scallion, cut and set aside

Step 3
Put ginger in the hot oil and fry the fish

Step 4
Stop when it's golden

Step 5
Add water and cook in the pot

Step 6
Water to fish, cover the pot, boil for 20 minutes, finally the color will be different

Step 7
Wait quietly for 20 minutes

Step 8
When the water boils for 20 minutes, it turns milky white

Step 9
At this time, you can put the tofu down and cook it for 10 minutes

Step 10
10 minutes put shallot, put salt, you can start the pot

Step 11
You can pour it out and put it on the bowl. It's done..