Fish flavor is widely used in poultry, livestock, vegetable and egg dishes. It is not only suitable for hot dishes, but also suitable for cold dishes. Today, we use Chinese cabbage to stir fry a vegetable fish coriander. Although it’s a small fry, it’s also very delicious.


4 slices of cabbage
1 teaspoon salt
Half a teaspoon of monosodium glutamate
1 scallion
4 cloved garlic
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 teaspoon starch
1 piece of pickled ginger
1 tsp Pixian bean paste
1 tsp sugar
Proper amount of vegetable oil
4 pickled red peppers


Step 1
The vinegar and sugar should be adjusted according to the ratio of 1:1, and a proper amount of Pixian Douban should be prepared

Step 2
Soak ginger, pickled pepper, chopped green onion, cut cabbage into thick silk

Step 3
Put the oil in the frying pan. When it's 50% hot, stir fry the chopped pickled ginger, pickled chili, and chopped green onion. Then add Pixian Douban

Step 4
When frying out the red oil, pour the cut cabbage into the pot, stir quickly and evenly, hook in the sweet and sour juice and starch, and stir well