It’s characteristic of our hometown. It must be eaten on the evening of new year’s Eve, and it’s the only meal! In fact, I envy that others can have a big table of dishes for new year’s Eve dinner. We only eat fire on New Year’s Eve. Maybe we don’t call pie, but this is not quite the same as pie.


300g flour
300g leek
3 eggs
Proper sesame oil
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Mix the stuffing. Chop the leeks and add oil and salt. In fact, it can be changed into other vegetable fillings as well as dumpling and steamed stuffed bun fillings.

Step 2
Knead and roll. The dough kneading method is the same as that of dumplings, and the kneaded dough is divided into an even number of small dough. Each small dough is rolled round with a rolling pin. The thickness is thicker than that of dumpling skin, and the diameter is about 15-20 cm.

Step 3
Put the stuffing. Spread the vegetable stuffing evenly on a piece of dough, leave the edge, and beat eggs. Eggs can also be fried in oil in advance and mixed into the vegetable filling. Here is to save trouble and beat raw eggs directly.

Step 4
Cover the other pastry on the filling, align it with the bottom pastry, and press the edge tightly.

Step 5
Use the edge of the bowl to scratch off the edge of the fire. Note that the edge of the fire is still pinched

Step 6
State diagram before cooking. Preheat the pan or electric cake pan in advance, rub a little oil in the pan, and put a little oil into the fire. The pan needs to be turned over, and the electric cake pan heated on both sides can not be used. Each side takes about 10 minutes, depending on the heat.

Step 7
OK, out of the pot, cut the cross with a knife, divide into 4 pieces and eat.