Finger biscuits are great! It’s easy to learn and delicious. It can also be used as tiramisu! (Note: the function of vanilla extract in the formula is to remove the fishy smell. It can be used without it.)


80g sugar
50g low gluten flour
20G corn starch
3 eggs
Three drops of vanilla extract


Step 1
Large collection of raw materials

Step 2
First, separate the protein from the egg yolk;

Step 3
Pour egg yolk and 10g fine sugar together and beat;

Step 4
Add vanilla extract and stir well;

Step 5
Add the remaining fine sugar to the protein and stir to make hard foaming;

Step 6
Pour egg yolk and egg white together and mix well;

Step 7
Sift in flour and corn starch and mix evenly by hand;

Step 8
Put it into the flower mounting bag and squeeze it into the baking tray with oil paper;

Step 9
Preheat the oven in advance. Bake at 175 ℃ for 10min