Tiktok… I tried it very delicious.


Two people measure rice
Some corn kernels
Some peas
Three sausages
Some shrimps
A potato
A carrot
Eight spoonfuls of soy sauce
Two spoonfuls of soy sauce
Two teaspoons sesame oil
A spoonful of salt
A spoonful of sugar


Step 1
Dice the potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, sausage and shrimps on the rice and put them in the electric rice cooker. The water is as much as rice

Step 2
Transfer a bowl of juice, eight spoons of soy sauce, two spoons of soy sauce, two spoons of sesame oil, one spoonful of salt, one spoonful of sugar, mix well and sprinkle on the rice

Step 3
Close the lid and start steaming the rice

Step 4
About 42 minutes later, the rice is ready, and then sprinkle a handful of chives, cover and continue to stuffy for five minutes

Step 5
Mix it and you can eat it

Step 6
The color and the taste are great

Step 7