Vulgar point is a hodgepodge, ha ha.. You can change your favorite dishes


200g pork
A baby vegetable
150g soybean sprouts
2 ham sausages
Three pea skins
Two Auricularia auricula
5 Chinese prickly ash
Half a carrot
A little soy sauce
An egg white
Right amount of chili noodles


Step 1
Put the pork into the egg white and stir well

Step 2
Cut the vegetables well.

Step 3
In a hot oil pan, add scallions, saute until fragrant, and then add pork

Step 4
Stir fry for one minute and add in the chili powder

Step 5
Continue to stir for one minute

Step 6
Put the bean sprouts into the frying pan and add appropriate water

Step 7
After boiling, add the hard boiled dishes in turn, and finally add cooked food such as ham

Step 8
When it's done, it's ready to go out of the pot, with appropriate salt and MSG.

Step 9
It's more delicious with coriander.