It turns out that grilled fish is so simple that you can smell the fragrance across the screen. It’s the first 48 million in your life


1 fish
Right amount of onion
Proper tofu skin
Appropriate amount of mushroom
Proper amount of bean sprouts
1 can of beer
Proper cooking wine
Proper amount of salt
Proper amount of ginger
Appropriate amount of garlic
Proper grilled fish
Right amount of onion
Right amount of red pepper


Step 1
Cut the flat fish on both sides, add a little salt and cooking wine, and marinate it for 20 minutes

Step 2
Heat oil in a pan, add fish, fry until golden on both sides, turn over

Step 3
Add shredded ginger, garlic and grilled fish. Stir fry until fragrant. Pour on the fish

Step 4
Add a can of beer and bring to a boil. Add bean skin, mushrooms, bean sprouts, shredded onion, shallot and shredded red pepper. Stew for a moment and then open