European style crispy cake


1 egg
2.5G salad oil
12g longevity deep mountain wild honey
35g yuan Zhentang
15g water
1 / 4 tsp Baking powder


Step 1
Low powder, baking powder, sift and set aside. Preheat oven 180 degrees

Step 2
Mix the eggs, sugar and honey evenly, beat them with egg beater until they are milky white.

Step 3
Add (1) to (2), stir gently, then add water and stir evenly, finally add oil and stir evenly

Step 4
Put it into the decoration bag and squeeze it into the mold, 8 points full. Exactly 15. If other molds are used, the mold surface should be coated with a layer of oil to prevent sticking.

Step 5
180 degrees for about 20 minutes. Change the color to golden yellow. Demould immediately, otherwise it will affect the brittleness of the skin. Press the bottom of the silicone mold and push it up to demould.

Step 6
The internal organization is also very delicate~~