Efficacy and function of Epiphyllum


1 egg
250g flour
4 g salt
600 g water
100g lard
40g scallion
1 fresh Epiphyllum


Step 1
Pour the flour into the basin and divide it into two sides. Add 50g cold water and mix well with chopsticks. Add 50g boiling water and mix well. Mix all the flour and make it into a ball for standby

Step 2
Wash Epiphyllum, remove its roots and stamens, and cut them into pieces. Put it into a boiling water pot (600g water) and turn it to a low heat (pay attention to flapping the pot). Add a small amount of salt and break up the eggs for standby

Step 3
After kneading the dough, roll it thin, sprinkle salt, roll it a few times, spread the oil evenly / sprinkle with Scallion (for personal taste, you can also add some pepper noodles or your favorite meat foam, and you can also add chili sauce if you want spicy flavor), wrap it in long strips, roll it thin and fold it in half

Step 4
Divide into four doses or at will

Step 5
Roll it into the shape shown in the picture. After wrapping, press it obliquely and roll it out

Step 6
After the soup in the pot is thick, pour in the egg liquid (don't just pour it in one place), add a small amount of lard and start the pot. Don't add anything except salt and oil. This soup has the fragrance of Epiphyllum, no peculiar smell, light and delicious (but it also depends on personal eating habits and tastes)

Step 7
Put a little vegetable oil in the pan and shake well. Put the rolled cake in and cover it. Keep the fire low. Continue to roll the cake. Also pay attention to the cake in the pan. Don't forget to turn the cake. Just turn the cake yellow on both sides. It is crisp outside and soft inside, with a faint fragrance

Step 8
When the cake is fried, the temperature of the soup is just right. You can eat. A bowl of soup, two cakes, and a plate of side dishes (pickles / dried radish, etc.) are time-saving, labor-saving and delicious