Double faced yellow tofu is almost a household dish that every family in Sichuan can cook. Because tofu has been fried on both sides and its color is golden, we call it double faced yellow here.


A piece of old tofu
Appropriate amount of homemade chili sauce
Proper amount of corn oil
A little chicken essence
Appropriate amount of shallot flower
A little old smoke


Step 1
Let's go to the last finished product drawing first. Materials for making double faced yellow tofu: old tofu, self-made chili sauce, corn oil, chicken essence, shallot flower and old soy sauce.

Step 2
Rinse the tofu after buying it and cut it into small pieces for use.

Step 3
Heat the pot and pour oil. After the oil is hot, put the tofu piece by piece into the pot and fry until golden yellow.

Step 4
Remove the fried tofu and set it aside. Fry the remaining oil of fried tofu with medium and low heat. After it is fried, put it into the fried tofu. Add an appropriate amount of water, burn it for a while, put a little chicken essence, and prepare a little water starch in a small bowl. When the tofu juice is about to dry, put in water starch to collect the juice, sprinkle with small scallions, turn off the fire and start the pot.

Step 5
Homemade chili sauce. (chili sauce is in my previous recipe)

Step 6
Finally, two more beautiful pictures for everyone to drool.

Step 7
Ha ha ha ha