Spring flowers bloom, eat “grass”!


Appropriate elm money
Proper flour
Proper amount of salt
Pepper noodles
It tastes delicious in moderation
Half an onion
2 shallots
Half head garlic


Step 1
Clean the elm money, pour it with boiling water, wash it with cold water, and dry it with your hands

Step 2
Add some salt and pepper flour, stir well, and then add flour in several times until all are evenly mixed, and wrap the flour, as shown in the figure below

Step 3
Wrapped in flour

Step 4
Steam in a pot for 8 minutes, as shown in the figure (if there is a large amount, steam one layer first, and then sprinkle another layer later to make it easy to cook)

Step 5
Prepare auxiliary materials while steaming: chopped onion, chopped scallion and garlic (you can put them according to your preference, and add dried chili noodles)

Step 6
Put more oil in the pot to fry the auxiliary materials, add some salt and taste very fresh, and fry the rotten seeds of steamed elm money noodles together, as shown in the figure below

Step 7
Stir fry and plate