Casserole rice belongs to Cantonese cuisine. There are many flavor varieties of casserole rice, such as cured meat, sliced chicken with mushroom, spare ribs with black bean sauce, pig liver, roast duck, white cut chicken, etc. In fact, pot rice is also called tile pot rice. Tile pot not only refers to a container, but also refers to a cooking method, that is, put the washed rice into the pot, measure the water, cover it, add ingredients when the rice is seven mature, and then turn to slow fire for cooking. The “pot” made of tile is more flexible in terms of fire control. The rice cooked is also more delicious, with fragrance between the teeth and endless aftertaste.


450g fragrant rice
100g sausage
90g eggs
100g green vegetables
20ml edible oil
2 g salt


Step 1
Wash the rice and add water according to the amount of water in the electric rice cooker. Three cups of rice, the water will reach "3".

Step 2
Turn on the power and select the "rice cooker program."

Step 3
Prepare sausages, vegetables and eggs.

Step 4
I heard the "tick" sound of the electric rice cooker. Add sausage and eggs. The rice cooker continues to work.

Step 5
The waiting time for the electric rice cooker is the countdown. In another pot, boil water, add a little oil and blanch the vegetables.

Step 6
It's time to cook delicious rice.

Step 7
You can put it in a casserole and fry it for a while. With vegetables, a beautiful meal.