This tofu box with tomato sauce tastes rich. Tomato juice is wrapped with tofu. The sour and sweet taste is most popular with children. Bite it first to taste the crispy skin of fried tofu, followed by soft tofu and juicy meat filling. It has rich taste and endless aftertaste.


600g North tofu
150g meat stuffing
3 tablespoons sweet noodle sauce
3 tablespoons tomato sauce
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons cooking wine
4 g salt
1 section onion
1 ginger


Step 1
Prepare ingredients:

Step 2
Mix the meat stuffing and set aside.

Step 3
Cut the tofu into pieces about 1cm thick and spread a layer of meat filling on it.

Step 4
Cover another piece of tofu with starch paste.

Step 5
Fry both sides and sides of the tofu box into golden yellow.

Step 6
Put the scallion into the inner tank and bottom it.

Step 7
Stack the tofu boxes on top.

Step 8
Pour in all seasonings, add an appropriate amount of water according to the situation, and it is appropriate that the total amount of water is less than half of the tofu box. Start the "cooking" function of Midea's original ecological ah pot, and select "fine cooking" and "soft waxy". After a program is finished, look at its absorption of soup. If necessary, start the "cooking" function again and select "quick cooking" for 5-10 minutes to stop the program.