Babao rice is the traditional name of Han nationality and the food custom of Laba Festival. It is popular all over the country, especially in Jiangnan. The formula is similar everywhere. Basically, the glutinous rice is steamed, mixed with sugar, oil and osmanthus, poured into an appliance containing red jujube, job’s tears, lotus seeds, longan and other fruit materials, and then poured with sugar brine after steaming. It tastes sweet and is a good product for festivals and hospitality.


500g glutinous rice
Proper amount of bean paste
Appropriate amount of sugar
Moderate nuts
Proper oil


Step 1
Wash the glutinous rice first

Step 2
Put it into an electric rice cooker and soak it in an appropriate amount of water for 30 minutes

Step 3
Cook rice in an electric cooker. Add oil and sugar while it is hot. Mix well and set aside

Step 4
Prepare the self fried bean paste filling

Step 5
Prepare a bowl, put a layer of plastic wrap on it and spread it with nuts

Step 6
Put on high temperature resistant disposable gloves, grab a handful of glutinous rice and press it on the freshly paved nuts and around the bowl

Step 7
Take the bean paste filling and put it in the middle

Step 8
Cover the bean paste filling with an appropriate amount of glutinous rice and press it tightly

Step 9
Finally, put the prepared eight treasure rice into the steamer, steam it for 60 minutes, and then steam it through