Babao rice is not only a classic dessert in tradition, but also a final dessert on Shanghai People’s new year’s dinner. It alleges good luck in the coming year and the symbol of health and longevity of the elderly.


1000g glutinous rice
5g raisins
5g peanut kernel
80g sunflower seed oil (cooked)
10g walnut kernel
100g sugar
5g dried mango
2 red dates
2G Lycium barbarum
200g pine kernel bean paste filling


Step 1
After washing the glutinous rice, soak it in water until the glutinous rice can be easily crushed with your fingers, and then rinse and drain the water

Step 2
Put a wet cloth on the steaming grid, add glutinous rice and steam over high heat for 20 minutes

Step 3
After steaming for 10 minutes, open it, beat evenly into the rice with chopsticks, and then cover it until it is steamed

Step 4
Prepare dried fruit

Step 5
Prepare pine nut bean paste stuffing (I prepared it in advance)

Step 6
Prepare boiled sunflower seed oil and sugar

Step 7
Pour out the steamed glutinous rice and add sugar while it is hot

Step 8
Add cooked oil and mix well

Step 9
Put a layer of oil on the bowl and put the dried fruit evenly into the bottom of the bowl

Step 10
Add glutinous rice at the bottom of the bowl and slowly empty the glutinous rice into the middle of the bowl

Step 11
Add the bean paste into the middle and gently compact it

Step 12
Then add glutinous rice, cover the bean paste and compact it

Step 13
Wrap the bowl upside down on the plastic wrap. If you don't eat it on the same day, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it directly for a longer time

Step 14
Five bowls of Babao rice are made with 2 kg glutinous rice. When eating, steam it in a pot or heat it in a microwave oven