The family caught a cold these two days. They didn’t have any taste, so they made some cold dishes to eat porridge.


2 eggplant (purple skin, long)
Appropriate amount of garlic
Sprinkle spicy seeds with an appropriate amount of homemade oil
20G corn oil
10g refined salt
5g chicken essence


Step 1
Two long eggplants for spare.

Step 2
Rinse with flowing water and soak in light salt for 15 minutes to remove pesticide residue.

Step 3
Cut the eggplant in half and steam in a steamer for 15 minutes.

Step 4
When steaming eggplant, prepare garlic, peel and wash.

Step 5
Chop it up and put some salt.

Step 6
And mash garlic with a punch.

Step 7
It has been mashed into garlic.

Step 8
At this time, the eggplant has been steamed and let cool.

Step 9
Homemade oil, peppers, onions, salt, chicken essence, mashed garlic and vinegar are mixed into juice.

Step 10
Tear the cool eggplant into strips, put it in a basin, and pour the adjusted small material.

Step 11
Mix well into a plate.

Step 12
It's delicious to eat on the table.