When the festival is coming, do relatives and friends want a small gathering, and do people want to come to the family, then make pizza. It’s easy, flattering and never fail. You can get a luxurious one with three simple moves It is rich in stuffing Big pizza with first-class taste!


A little salt
3 G yeast
200g flour
115 g water
5g butter
20G butter
4 cloves garlic
1 / 4 chopped onion
80g beef filling
2 tomatoes
2 tbsp tomato sauce
3 tbsp water
2 g salt
10g sugar
1 / 4 teaspoon chopped black pepper
1 / 2 teaspoon Italian spice blend
120 g masurila
1 eggplant
50g vegetable grains


Step 1
Knead the dough: mix the flour with salt and butter, pour the yeast into the water, stir until the yeast is completely melted, and then pour it into the flour. Be careful not to add it all at once to avoid the dough being too soft. Knead into smooth dough, cover with a wet towel and let it ferment for the first time for 40 minutes. Apply a layer of butter on the baking pan first (to prevent sticking and to make the bottom Brown during baking). Stretch the fermented dough into a round shape the size of the baking pan by hand (rolling with a rolling pin is also OK). Put it on the baking pan, pierce the hole with a fork to prevent bulging during baking, and then ferment for about 20 minutes for the second time

Step 2
Stir fry pizza meat sauce. Mix the meat stuffing with 1g salt and a teaspoon of cooking wine. Heat and melt 30g butter in a frying pan. Add onion and minced garlic and stir fry until fragrant. Add the meat stuffing and stir fry until it turns white

Step 3
Then add chopped chunks of tomatoes, stir fry and stir fry, add tomato sauce (no) and water, and stir fry for 4.5 minutes. Moisture sauce is slightly thickened and seasoned. Add salt. Sugar. Black pepper and Italy spices (beef niece leaf, rosemary, dried basil and so on) can be stirred evenly and concentrated for a small amount.

Step 4
Slice eggplant, about 0.8 cm thick. Fry it with a little olive oil until both sides turn yellow and 6 mature. Spread a layer of meat sauce on the pizza dough, sprinkle a layer of cheese (1 / 4 of the cheese should be sprinkled on the surface), and then add eggplant slices and vegetable grains. Brush the edge of the cake with egg liquid to moisturize and increase the golden color. Put it in the middle and upper layer of the oven, 200-220 degrees, bake for 12-15 minutes, take it out, add the remaining cheese, and bake for 3-5 minutes