Today, I recommend a very delicious egg Eggplant Soup. Children like it very much when they make it this way. The egg soup is fresh and tender, and the cooked eggplant is also soft and tender. It has a good taste. It can be eaten together with the egg soup without any sense of conflict. It can also make the egg soup more delicious. The most important thing is that it is too easy to make breakfast. There are eggs and vegetables and full of vitamins


1 eggplant
4 eggs
Proper amount of salt
Proper oil
Proper oyster sauce
Appropriate amount of scallion


Step 1
Four eggs, broken up. I made the amount for three people. I used four eggs. Here you can see the number of people eating and choose freely

Step 2
Add water to the egg, add a little salt and stir it up. The amount of water should not be as much as when steaming egg soup. It should be a little less. I used 2 small bowls of water for four eggs. Now there are a lot of bubbles in the stirred egg liquid. It's best to sift it

Step 3
Choose a deeper flat plate, sift the egg liquid into the plate, and look at the situation. Don't have a lot of bubbles. It will be fine after two times; Boil the water in the steamer, put the egg liquid container into the steamer and steam. After the water boils, fire for 10 minutes; When steaming egg soup, we deal with eggplant. One eggplant is cut into small dices, as small as possible, half a centimeter square

Step 4
Heat oil in the wok, stir fry eggplant, add oyster sauce and salt, add half a bowl of water, cook over low heat, and it will be soft and tender in a few minutes

Step 5
When you see the soup boiled dry, add scallions and stir fry well. You can set aside. 5 minutes is enough

Step 6
When it's time for the egg soup, take out the plate and spread the prepared diced eggplant. It's soft, tender and delicious. The diced eggplant and the egg soup are scooped together. It's too fragrant