Egg, straw mushroom and pea soup


2 eggs
50g straw mushroom
100g green beans
Proper amount of salt
Proper blending oil
Proper amount of pepper


Step 1
Prepare ingredients: eggs, peas, straw mushrooms^_^

Step 2
Cold pan, hot oil, medium heat, fried eggs.

Step 3
Push the egg aside; Stir fry peas and straw mushrooms.

Step 4
Shovel the eggs down, put salt and stir fry them together´╝ł Generally, in order to taste the soup, the salt is put earlier than the dish)

Step 5
Add boiling water, cover and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Step 6
Put some scallions and pepper in the bowl.

Step 7
Boiled soup.

Step 8
Pour it into a bowl and a bowl of simple and delicious soup will be served.