When a person doesn’t want to cook, pancakes are the most suitable. They are simple, fast and delicious… Pancakes are rich in nutrients and taste good!


A potato
Two eggs
Two shallots
A red pepper
60g flour
Proper oil
3 G cumin powder
4 g salt
Two tablespoons cooking wine
Proper amount of sesame


Step 1
Prepared ingredients

Step 2
Cut the vegetables and set them aside

Step 3
Add cooking wine and cumin powder to the egg

Step 4
Add salt and stir to taste

Step 5
Add shredded potatoes and stir well

Step 6
Add the flour and stir it into a paste

Step 7
Finally, add scallion and pepper and stir

Step 8
This is a good paste

Step 9
Heat the electric cooker, brush a layer of oil, spread the batter, sprinkle sesame seeds, and cover the lid

Step 10
Fry both sides golden and you can come out of the pot

Step 11
The rest spread out four small cakes

Step 12
The same fried both sides golden

Step 13
Finished product picture. This is a fried pancake

Step 14
This is a big cake. You can roll it up and cut it