Egg lean meat onion oil pancake


1 egg
Chicken essence


Step 1
Make the remaining dough of dumpling skin and wake up for 20 minutes

Step 2
Knead the dough into strips and cut into sections

Step 3
. sprinkle with dry powder and press into pieces

Step 4
The thinner the cake, the better.

Step 5
1 egg, some chopped chives, 3 tsp minced meat, salt (a little more), chicken essence, mixed together´╝ł These condiments can make at least 10 pancakes.) ha ha, some people say that they are both eggs and meat. How can they be called diligence and thrift? You can try to make many pancakes with this kind of condiment. It's enough for a family to eat. My husband only eats four pancakes at a time. These condiments can't be used up every time, so the cost is not very low

Step 6
Put the egg mixture on the crust.

Step 7
Put another crust on the dough.

Step 8
Put more oil in the pan, or the pancake will look like a pancake.

Step 9
When the oil is hot, put on the cake. Fry until golden on both sides, slice and set. This kind of cake had better be fried and eaten immediately, so as to make it crispy. Don't pile up the fried cake.