It’s very delicious and simple. It’s suitable for novices. It’s also my first time to make dumplings,


500g leek
2 eggs
45g prawns
80g fungus (water hair)
300g dumpling skin
Half a catty of pork stuffing
1.5 tbsp salt
2 tbsp edible oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
100ml purified water
A spoonful of dumpling filling seasoning


Step 1
Put the meat stuffing into the basin, add salt, meat stuffing seasoning and a small amount of oil, stir in one direction, add some water three times, add water once and stir once to make the meat fragrant,

Step 2
Peel the prawns, remove the shrimp thread, chop the prawns (the prawns don't have to be too broken), soak the root of the fungus and chop it,

Step 3
Stir fry eggs, fungus, shrimp meat, eggs into meat stuffing, and stir well in one direction

Step 4
Wash and chop the leeks, put them into the sink, add oyster sauce and a small amount of oil, stir well in one direction until fragrant

Step 5
When the dumplings are cooked, put them on a plate, pat some mashed garlic and add soy sauce. The delicious three fresh stuffing dumplings are made

Step 6
I can't make dumpling skin, so I buy it and boil the dumplings in water