Mushroom stuffing, cabbage stuffing, leek stuffing ~ ~ ~ eat dumplings, you can choose a variety of different flavors of stuffing~~~~


280g dumpling skin
1 cucumber
3 slices of ginger
Two cloves of garlic
5 ml salt
10 ml soy sauce
15 ml vinegar
1.25 ml sugar
1.25 ml sesame oil
1.25 ml zanthoxylum oil
1 spoonful of spicy red oil


Step 1
Chop the ginger and garlic and put them into a bowl; Pour in proper amount of cold water and let it stand for a while. Mix it into ginger and garlic water and set aside

Step 2
Wash and shred cucumber, sprinkle with salt and marinate

Step 3
Add proper amount of soy sauce into ginger garlic water

Step 4
Add appropriate amount of vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, pepper oil and salt

Step 5
Add the right amount of spicy red oil, stir well, taste the salty

Step 6
Pour water into the skillet and bring to a boil. Put the dumpling skin in the skillet and cook until it floats

Step 7
Pickled cucumber, dry water, spread at the bottom of the plate

Step 8
Fold the dumpling skin in half and spread it over the cucumber

Step 9
Pour in red oil and hot pepper. Decorate with red pepper