Rooftop snack: dumpling cake tube. It’s really delicious. The most difficult step is the production of pasta. I’ve never made a similar pasta. It’s not rolling noodles or baking pancakes and fruits, but pushed out by Tai Chi push hands.


300g flour
300 g water
20G oil
A side dish
A tablespoon of oil


Step 1
The water, flour and oil in the main material are mixed into a paste.

Step 2
Then pour an appropriate amount of clean water to prevent it from drying and let it stand for more than 30 minutes.

Step 3
Pour out the excess water from the batter after standing, and pour a spoonful into the hot pan and roll it out in turn.

Step 4
Once cooked, turn over and take out the dough after 10 seconds.

Step 5
Take a pastry and spread it with your favorite side dishes.

Step 6
Roll up like a spring roll.

Step 7
Pour some oil into a pan, put on a dumpling tube and fry until both sides are golden yellow.

Step 8
Take out the pot and put it on a plate.