Hand torn cabbage has a taste different from that made by knife cutting, and the nutrition will not be destroyed. I used to stir fry with dry red pepper. It tastes good. Change to bacon. The oil fried by Bacon makes the cabbage taste more tender and smooth, soft and delicious.


300g cabbage
100g Bacon
10 g oil
1g salt
3 G raw extract
10g homemade chopped pepper
40g fungus


Step 1
Prepare the cabbage.

Step 2
Tear the cabbage into small pieces, wash, drain and set aside.

Step 3
Auricularia auricula bubble hair in advance and tear small flowers; Shred onion; Slice Bacon (slightly fat) and set aside.

Step 4
Heat the pot, add bacon, stir fry the oil; Pour in shredded onion and stir fry until fragrant.

Step 5
Pour in garlic white and stir well.

Step 6
Pour in fungus and stir well.

Step 7
Pour in the cabbage and stir well.

Step 8
Add some salt and stir well.

Step 9
Add chopped red pepper and stir well.

Step 10
Pour in the soy sauce and stir well; Transfer the fried cabbage into the pot, bring the alcohol stove to the table and heat it for consumption.