I can’t remember when this organic cauliflower appeared on the market. It tastes crisp and tender. It’s especially suitable for dry pot practice. It’s slightly spicy. It’s not a thing to eat one plate by one~


300g cauliflower
100g streaky pork
20G red pepper
Two cloves of garlic
Two green
Two tablespoons steamed fish and soy sauce
A spoonful of fuel consumption
A spoonful of Laoganma Douchi chili sauce
A spoonful of sugar
A teaspoon of salt (kimchi)


Step 1
Soak cauliflower head down in water for about 20 minutes, and put a small spoonful of salt in the water.

Step 2
Cool the oil in a hot pot, add a little oil, add streaky pork to make oil, stir fry yellow on both sides, add garlic and ginger to stir fry until fragrant, add a tablespoon of Laoganma Douchi chili sauce to stir fry red oil

Step 3
Add cauliflower and red pepper, add a spoonful of oyster sauce, two spoonfuls of steamed fish and soy sauce, a small spoonful of sugar, stir fry over high heat for about two minutes, add green onion and stir fry slightly before coming out of the pot.