Recently, I especially like to buy fungi. I like stewing with spare ribs on weekdays. Today, I’ll eat it differently and have a dry pot


200g Pleurotus eryngii
200g white jade mushroom
1 / 3 carrot
A little Pixian chili sauce
Proper amount of ginger
Proper amount of salt
A little raw


Step 1
The ingredients are quite simple. The two kinds of fungi bought from the vegetable market or supermarket can be matched at will. Today we will use apricot abalone mushroom and white jade mushroom; These two kinds of fungi are not very fragrant, and their colors are similar;

Step 2
Cut off the root of white jade mushroom with sundries, wash it with salt water, drain the water and set it aside;

Step 3
Let's prepare the seasoning, a little green onion and ginger, and two tablespoons of Pixian bean paste. Today, I was lazy and didn't chop Pixian watercress, because red oil is really difficult to wash on the chopping board;

Step 4
The frying process takes a long time because there is a little edible oil and little personal oil; Wait slowly;

Step 5
The water evaporates basically. If you are lazy, put the fried mushrooms aside, add a little oil, saute onions and ginger, put in Pixian sauce, and order a little sugar to freshen them. At this time, the small mushrooms shine on the stage, stir fry and taste delicious. Before going abroad, order some raw soy sauce, which is more personal and mixed with salt. Out of the pot and on the plate