Shrimp is a high-grade dish here. No matter how shrimp is in other places, it has no “identity”. It is a VIP treatment here. It can be imagined that it is the farthest away from the sea. As for the price of shrimp, it has never been lower than beef and mutton. Although the people here have the same feeling about eating shrimp as me, it is not the cause of allergy, but the reason why they don’t like seafood.


500g shrimp
200g lotus root
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
Proper amount of hot pot seasoning
2G pepper granules
Moderate spicy skin
1 g cumin
Proper amount of fragrant leaves
Proper amount of fennel


Step 1
Ingredients: 500g shrimp, 300g lotus root

Step 2
Soak the spicy skin in cold water for 3 hours, clean up the scallions, ginger and garlic, cut the scallions, count the shrimp from the tail to section 3, gently remove the shrimp skin with a toothpick, pick out the shrimp line with a toothpick, clean and drain the water, peel and cut the lotus root, soak with cold water, pick it up and drain the water

Step 3
Cool the oil in a hot pot. The oil is 80% hot. Deep fry the shrimp until it is discolored and crisp. Remove the drain oil and pour the hot oil

Step 4
Heat the pot again, pour in the oil (about 50g) that soaks the spices, burn it to 70% heat, add the hot pot bottom material, stir fry it to produce red oil and flavor

Step 5
Spicy skin

Step 6
Add spices and stir fry until spicy

Step 7
Add onion, ginger and garlic and stir fry until fragrant

Step 8
Add shrimp and stir fry evenly

Step 9
Add lotus root

Step 10
Add cooking wine evenly, stir fry until the lotus root changes color, and then take it out of the pot. Cook it in an alcohol stove or electric cooker