The sand cone is a kind of sea fish. Through a simple way to get rich delicious, “dry fried sand cone” this dish is the best embodiment. The meat of this fish is snow-white and tender. It tastes delicious with more meat and less thorn. The method of cooking it is very simple, which can meet people’s taste needs. Although this dish doesn’t put onion, ginger and garlic according to the custom of making fish, it only uses oil and salt, but it doesn’t smell fishy at all. On the contrary, it is scorched on the outside and tender in the inside… If the fish is fresh.


12 Sillago multicinctus
3 g salt
Proper amount of oil


Step 1
When the fish are bought from the market, the general fishmonger will remove the gills and internal organs for you, but when you get home, you still have to deal with them. First, wash the scales on the fish, rub the black clothes in the inner chamber with your hands, drain the water, and then apply salt to the fish with your fingers for 10 minutes

Step 2
Put the salted fish in a hot oil pan and fry over low heat until golden on both sides

Step 3
Remove the fish from the pan and enjoy