Kidney beans are called kidney beans in our hometown. Every autumn, all kinds of beans, kidney beans, eyebrow beans, cowpeas and so on, climb up the wall to help my mother pick beans. Most of the ways to eat green beans from small to large are stir frying, and occasionally diced with minced meat is the popular minced green beans. Dry fried green beans are only ordered when they go to the restaurant because they need to be fried, but as long as they order this dish, they are basically robbed of the table, which is very popular. The stir fried green beans have a special aroma. The appearance is burnt, fragrant and crisp, while the beans taste soft and rare sweet because they are slowly baked over a low fire. The minced meat is fried with delicious, smooth and full of soy sauce, and the slightly spicy taste directly improves the cooking skill of this dish to the level of “rice killer”.


450g green beans
100g ridge
5 cloves garlic
1 slice ginger
5 red peppers
8 g salt
3 grams of soy sauce
5g raw extract
5g cooking wine
5g corn starch
3 g Sugar
Proper peanut oil


Step 1
Wash the green beans, remove the old tendons and break them into segments about 5cm long

Step 2
Mince the tenderloin, add salt, soy sauce, cooking wine and corn starch, and marinate for 15 minutes

Step 3
Dice garlic and ginger, remove seeds and cut dry pepper into sections

Step 4
Put a little more peanut oil in the pan, heat the oil and put in the green beans

Step 5
Fry the green beans over medium low heat until there are tiger skins on both sides

Step 6
Put the processed green beans out for standby, use the remaining oil at the bottom of the pot to quickly spread the minced meat, and stir fry until the minced meat changes color

Step 7
Add minced ginger, garlic and pepper to stir fry until fragrant

Step 8
Stir fried green beans with tiger skin

Step 9
Add salt and a little sugar, continue to stir fry until the water vapor is completely dry, and then out of the pot