When I was a child, I first ate the bell at the barbecue stand. At that time, I thought the name was good. It sounded good. Then I saw that it was bean products, and I was more convinced that it would be my love. Unexpectedly, it was filled with meat. At that time, I cried directly. I was picky about food and was very strange. I ate roast meat and didn’t eat meat stuffing, so I could only watch it for a long time and didn’t dare to try again. Later, I gradually accepted some meat stuffing, but I had to dip it in the seasoning, so I matched it with my favorite chili oil and vinegar juice! It’s the one in the picture.


2 oil bean skins
300g pork stuffing
1 egg
3 cloves garlic
2 slices of ginger


Step 1
Soak the oily tofu skin with water and set aside

Step 2
Add eggs, chopped ginger, garlic and all seasonings to the minced pork and beat them in one direction until they are strong. It only needs a little meat filling to make the dry frying bell. Because it is less inconvenient to adjust, I made more at one time. The rest pinch balls, make dumplings and steamed meat cakes. In short, I can do anything

Step 3
Spread out the soft oil tofu skin and put a thin meat filling on one end

Step 4
Roll it up. Apply some egg liquid or starch water at the closing to help bond

Step 5
I rolled a total of two volumes, each volume is two, in order to fit my pot, put it into the pan and fry it slightly with oil, so it is fixed and not easy to spread. This step is not necessary, but I personally think it is better to operate

Step 6
Cut the meat roll into inch long pieces

Step 7
Deep fry the tofu in an oil pan until the tofu skin is crisp and foamy. Drain the oil and put it on a plate. It can be eaten with sauce. It's also delicious to eat directly