It makes sense that the double cooked pork can become a classic of Sichuan cuisine. In addition to a pair of “red” pleasant appearance, the most important thing is spicy rice. The meat is scorched, and it is also stained with the spicy smell of “dancing together” with red oil. It is perfectly matched with the spicy garlic sprouts with half youth and half mature fragrance.


300g pork
300g dried bean curd
1 hot pepper


Step 1
Soak the meat in a little water and cooking wine for 15 minutes

Step 2
Put the meat into the pot, add the water without meat, add ginger slices and cooking wine, and cook the meat

Step 3
Remove the cooked meat from the pan, cool it and slice it into thin slices

Step 4
Slicing dried incense with oblique knife

Step 5
Wash the peppers and cut them into rings. Slice the garlic

Step 6
Put a small amount of oil in the pot, and stir fry the meat until the surface of the meat turns brown

Step 7
Push the meat to one side with a shovel, then stir fry the pepper and garlic slices

Step 8
Push the pepper and garlic to one side and stir fry the dried garlic

Step 9
Add appropriate amount of salt and five spice powder, stir well, and finally add chicken essence to taste