Double skin milk is a famous Cantonese dessert, a classic Han snack, belonging to the Department of Cantonese cuisine. It is produced in Shunde, Guangdong, China. It is sweet, fragrant, tender and smooth. Double skin milk is very famous in Guangdong. In Macao, Yishun’s double skin milk is the most famous. In Guangzhou, Nanxin dessert store, which started to operate in the 1940s, is the most famous. In Hong Kong, the Australian milk company is the most famous. In Shunde, Renxin and Minxin are the most famous. The double skin milk is full of fragrance, tender and smooth in the mouth. Double skin milk is called “double skin milk” because its surface has a thick milk skin that needs to be condensed twice. First, pour the cooked milk into the bowl, and naturally condense into a layer of milk skin. Then, pour out the milk, mix it with egg white and sugar, and pour it back into the bowl again to let the milk skin float. Then the steamer – steamed milk, cooling process will again set a layer of milk skin. It takes two coagulations to form the special thick milk skin on the surface of double skin milk.


400g whole milk
40g light cream
60g condensed milk
45g egg white
Right amount of honey beans


Step 1
Mix the whole milk, light cream and Eagle mark condensed milk together.

Step 2
Put it on the gas hood, heat it over low heat, and then boil until it bubbles slightly. Then turn off the heat (don't boil until it boils, just bubble slightly).

Step 3
Pour the cooked milk into the prepared bowl( When the milk in the bowl cools slowly, a layer of milk skin will form on the surface during the cooling process.)

Step 4
After the skin is finished, pour the milk back to the pot, use chopsticks to block the skin, and then pour, leaving the skin in the bowl. When pouring, don't pour all the milk, leave a little at the bottom of the bowl. This way, the milk skin will not stick to the bottom of the bowl, but will float.

Step 5
Use chopsticks to break up the egg white.

Step 6
Then pour in the milk and mix well.

Step 7
Then sift the milk mixed with egg white.

Step 8
Stick to the wall of the bowl and slowly pour the screened milk back into the small bowl( In the process of pouring, the milk skin will float again, so we get a bowl of milk with the milk skin floating on the surface.)

Step 9
Put half a pot of water in the steamer, seal the surface of the bowl with preservative film, cover the cover of the steamer, boil the water in the steamer with high fire, turn to medium low fire, steam for 12 minutes, turn off the fire, and then out of the steamer.

Step 10
Take off the plastic wrap and let the double skin milk cool naturally. During the cooling process, a second layer of milk skin is formed, which makes the surface have a thick milk skin.

Step 11
Double skin milk can be eaten after being warm or refrigerated. Put honey beans or your favorite fruit on it.